April 13, 2010

What I have learned....

What I have learned while being in Louisiana, the Sportsmen's State:

Every gas station has at least one gambling game.
I don’t like gambling.
There are lots and lots of trucks stops and the truckers don’t look for little cars like mine.
Basketball is lots of fun to watch.
The capitol building and the new bridge are beautiful at night.
There are two bridges in Baton Rouge – the old one and the new one.
Grosse Tete (the town we reside) means Big Head when translated from the French language.
Baby cows don’t always live – no matter how much you love on them.
Kevin can hunt! And is a good shot! (no luck fishing though).
I really can’t get along with my dad – no matter how hard I try.
It is possible to make new friends.
There really are stars (lots of them) in the skies at night.
My mother is fragile. She isn’t the strong woman that I remember from my youth.
My extended family does accept me and Kevin in their world.
T-mobile doesn’t get good reception “down the bayou”.
Blue Bayou does exist (even though I think it is actually spelled “Bleaux”.
You do NOT go to Baton Rouge on an LSU football game day! And you don’t leave your house on game days without your purple and gold on.
Email really is awesome!
I have terrible road rage and would prefer taking the scenic route to/from work.
“Living off the land” isn’t quite what I expected (a person can’t live on radishes and mustard greens alone).
How to knit.
The drive to Texas isn’t bad; but the drive back is just plain cruel!
I have yet to figure this one out – people are buried ABOVE ground – sometimes stacked on top of each other.

April 9, 2010


I have lots to blog about... but, I just wanted to share a moment of ecstasy (yes, I had to look the word up to spell it correctly). Is this but the most perfect moment for any dog??? You know he's thinkin he's in heaven! Beautiful sunlight. Perfect fishing. Wind in his hair. Eyes closed. Nothing better!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!