March 16, 2009

new template

So... I really like this template! I just can't figure it out! Good grief... technology and me! What am I going to do????

March 5, 2009

Life Update!

So I've not given a "life update" in a while... here goes. Kev and I are living with his mom in Dayton right now. It's not the best of situations, but it is a roof over our heads. Times are hard... they are for a lot of people right now. We've been blessed with family and friends that can help. I have notified CISD that I won't be returning next school year. We're still confident about moving to LA, but it still still considered "up in the air" at the current moment. (I know... doesn't sound very confident, huh?) I am confident about leaving CISD. I need to make some real money! I love it here...... BUT! Anthony is just wonderful. He lives with his dad, but spends quite a bit of time with me while his dad is working. That will drastically change when he and his dad move to Friendswood after school is out. (boo hoo! - I miss him just thinkin about it) He is playing baseball again this year. He likes his teammates and coach. He's doing very well. Krissi is living with Cody in the Northshore area. She and I have had a "tiff" and she's not speaking to me right now. It's hard work being a mom. It's hard work being a wife. Life is hard work! I pray that I find the courage to turn it over to God to handle. God... please give me the strength and patience to be everything to everybody. I'm exhausted and need your help. I can't do this alone!


Okay... so my fave author ever is Diane Chamberlain! She is so wonderful! She even has a super blog. Anyway, I'm reading Before the Storm. The sequel will be out in June. I'm enjoying this book. I'd recommend it! Heck... I'd recommend any of her books!

btw - I finished The Middle Place. What a super book! It is already being passed around our office. Creatively written. Inspiring. Beautiful. Life!