October 22, 2009

Rainy Days

I'm having a sad day today.... I don't know if it's the weather or not, but I'm missing my extended family in Texas. I miss DD blessing me all the time when I sneeze! I miss Kari sending me IMs for hugs! I miss Ms. Wilma's advise. I miss Mr. Batman's silly jokes. I miss Kim's smile. I miss Mr. D waving to me from across the street. I miss Renee fussing at her kids on the phone. I miss Becky. I miss Joyce... being lost as a goose - I think she's figured it out now though! I miss Dorie walking by my desk to go potty. I miss Debbie's awesome attitude - no matter how she really feels. I miss Doris. I miss Ms. Jo telling stories about Mason. I miss Donna.... in all her seriousness! I miss Diane's "mommy" hugs. I miss Sheryl's beautiful Christian attitude - she still inspires me! I miss Sherry's bubbly laugh. I miss Su's "you're wonderful" encouragement! I miss Susan. I miss Tammy - she always knew (and I hope continues to know) that I am here for her - she always makes me feel needed as a friend! .... I miss Crosby ISD.


  1. ahhhhhhh. How sweet. I miss you, too! But I'll see you on Sunday!! Oh, this is for any of them I have missed ----- GOD BLESS YOU. BYW, I've sneezed a bunch without one GBY!

  2. Why do you want to go and make me CRY?? BUT - I'll see you Saturday night!!! Can't wait!! Love you!!