October 20, 2009


Things are moving along over here... in the Sportsman State! Kevin and I are both busy doing things around our little house. Kevin and my dad are getting the pole set for the electricity. We should be moving the trailer to the "big tree" next weekend. I suppose it will depend on how long it takes the light company to do their thing.

Mom is doing well. Her recovery is amazing! Her therapy is going well. She'll be up running marathons before too long!

Bible study is almost over.... sad! I'll miss it! I may have been behind on our studies every week, but I sure did enjoy it. I'm thankful for Julie. She has been a God-send to me. She gives me spiritual strength... even if she doesn't know it! THANK YOU JULIE!

We're headed to TX this weekend. It is already a well-packed weekend. Kari is coming over Saturday night for dinner and movies. I can't wait to sleep late and snuggle with my Pootman. I miss him sooo much! He's an awesome young man. Usually Krissi works evening shifts, so we'll get to spend the morning with her and Cody. It will be a cheap trip, but that's okay by me!

Anyway, there's our update. We're doing great. I hope all of our family and friends are as well. God is good.... all the time!

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