September 6, 2009

Cajun Jambalaya

I try to keep tabs on Viv and follow her recipes! I love her photos! Kari is doing it some too. Man, if I would have only had my camera yesterday.... you gals would have gotten a treat!!! My cousin (Rhonda) and I made jambalaya yesterday - AND NOT OUT OF A BOX! OMG... YUMMY! My aunt kept fussin at me, telling me to keep my spoon out of the pot and let it cook. What a memory! (and a dinner!) I'll definitely have my camera from now on when I go over there... just in case. Oh yeh, for desert.... a german chocolate cake. Now, I don't like coconut, but it sure was fun toasting it. Thanks, Rhonda, for a super great afternoon and a memory that I won't soon forget!

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