September 6, 2009

Church this morning

Kevin and I explored out of Grosse Tete this morning and attended a different church than Grosse Tete Baptist. We went to a church called Harvest Church, in Port Allen (about 15 minutes up the road). What a blessing! Their normal pastor wasn't there today, so I'm looking forward to next week so we can hear him teach; however, today's lesson was super! He called it "The Bible in a Nutshell". He told us how God created Adam as a perfect image.... body, soul, and spirit. Then how Adam ruined his accountability. And now, how we have to strive to regain that perfect image in God's eyes - body, soul, and spirit. What a blessing we received this morning. This pastor drew diagrams on a dry-erase board that I believe will stick in my head for quite some time. God is Good - All the Time!

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